IT&E providing high speed internet for higher education

Daisy Demapan
March 21, 2017, 11:11 a.m.    MP


Maximizing its increased fiber-optic capabilities, IT&E is providing the Northern Marianas College high speed internet in support of the island’s sole post-secondary institution.

The official launch starts this week following the newly laid fiber cables that have allowed NMC to more than quadruple their campus wide internet speeds.

“As we continue to make our way throughout the island upgrading our most crucial areas, we hope that the increased speeds at NMC will improve and assist students with their studies and increase efficiency,” John Compton, IT&E’s chief operating officer said.

NMC President Dr. Carmen Fernandez expressed that previously the college experienced speeds up to 9 Mbps for over one thousand students but now has an increased capacity to better suit their needs.

“The upgrade will be felt throughout the college now that our connection has increased to 50 mbps. We are excited to launch the accelerated speeds and strengthen our current programs around it. We thank IT&E for helping us improve our wireless speeds and look forward to utilizing the fiber connection for our ongoing developments,” Dr. Fernandez said.

Compton added that IT&E is excited that the college is better equipped with high speed internet.

“For a long time we’ve been working to better equip our students and now the college will see faster upload and download speeds and cleaner connections. The speeds have more than quadrupled compared to the previous infrastructure. As we move forward, we want to continue to build on what we’ve done and make these speeds accessible to all residents. With the ongoing improvements to IT&E’s new fiber network, increased speeds and coverage will soon be available,” Compton said.