IT&E Installs New Cell Site in Tanapag

Daisy Demapan
March 9, 2017, 10:16 a.m.    


Announcing the installation and completion of a new cellular site, IT&E officially launched its first site in Tanapag last week.

According to Chief Operating Officer John Compton, sites in Dan Dan and San Antonio are planned for launching this Spring.

“We are very happy that we have been able to increase our coverage and add LTE (high speed wireless data) to the Northern part of the island. With the installation of our new fiber network, we’re able to achieve faster wireless data speeds and coverage,” he said.

Compton noted that two separate programs to improve the internet speed of all residential and business customers is ongoing.

“As we complete our fiber optic cable installations all around the island, we are able to provide faster speeds to our DSL customers. I also want to highlight that we are providing these increased speeds at no additional charge to our DSL customers. As we improve our infrastructure, more of our customers will be receiving much faster speeds at home and in their businesses,” he said.

For those that aren’t seeing faster speeds, Compton says, multiple crews are steadfastly working extended hours to fix these situations.

Currently, IT&E is in the process of extending their fiber network into every village and neighborhood on Saipan. As each area nears completion throughout the year, customers will be able to experience even higher speeds.

“With these improvements, customers will be contacted to schedule an appointment to activate this new service and to deliver their new Internet modem to enhance their experience in our most affected areas,” he said.

Currently, IT&E is investing millions of dollars in both its buried cable and wireless networks to provide improved internet speeds and better overall service. These improvements include laying buried fiber optic cables around the island, connecting all cellular sites to this fiber optic network, and expanding the 4G/LTE capabilities of its wireless networks. IT&E invested over $6 million in the CNMI in 2016 and has the plans to spend at least the same amount in 2017. Plans for the islands of Tinian and Rota are being set in motion to improve inter-island coverage.

If you’d like to learn more about IT&E CNMI products, services, or outreach stop by IT&E’s Chalan Lau Lau Store on Middle Road or IT&E’s Garapan store inside the TSL building. You can also log onto Facebook at IT&E CNMI or