IT&E installs free public WiFi for Rota residents

Daisy Demapan
May 12, 2017, 9:30 a.m.    MP


Providing opportunities for public access to internet services, IT&E recently relocated public WiFi at the former Rota Melchor Mendiola Park to the Rota Roundhouse early this month.

According to Rota Mayor Efraim Atalig, accessible internet had been requested by many of the youth to be relocated to a more communal area.

Special Assistant for Programs and Grants Aubry Hocog expressed the need for youth enrichment and internet access, which is one of many reasons for the public access point relocation.

General Manager Rose Soledad noted that the free public WiFi will soon be upgraded among other upcoming advances within the current network.

“For several years, the community has been able to stay connected with other islands and the world, and we are happy to provide an access point free of charge to Rota residents at the Roundhouse. We are working steadfastly to improve the speeds of the entire CNMI and hope to see the services grow for the residents of Rota for afterschool activities and summer leisure,” she said.