IT&E honors CNMI Women’s Month

Daisy Demapan
March 28, 2017, 11:26 a.m.    MP


In observance of CNMI Women’s Month, IT&E is proud to recognize the significant contributions of all CNMI women and their continued success. IT&E is a proud partner of this year’s 4th Annual Women’s Summit providing internet services and in-kind donations to the 1st Annual Commonwealth Women’s Association Gala.

“Empowering women as leaders of change is crucial to the ever-changing needs of society. As a telecommunications company, women have shaped the way we connect and advance in our communities. In the past and even today, they continue to be the backbone of our success and foundation of our growth in society,” says John Compton, IT&E Chief Operating Officer.

Compton expressed that the growth and strength of telecommunications in the CNMI is the product of the economic, educational, political, and social achievements of all women and society.

IT&E General Manager Rose Soledad added that with women at the helm in engineering, marketing, human resources, sales and accounting, the company values and supports empowering women as leaders of change.

“Telecommunications is ever-changing and with ongoing improvements to our fiber optic network, our team continues to expand our wireless services. We want to reaffirm our commitment to the continued progress and prosperity of the CNMI and the significance of the women who've made this possible,” she said.