IT&E and BECQ launch first ever phonebook roundup

Daisy Demapan
March 9, 2017, 10:19 a.m.    MP


Running its first year in the CNMI, IT&E and the Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality have teamed up with Yellow Pages Ink and schools to recover and recycle old phonebooks printed in previous years.

IT&E Chief Operating Officer John Compton expressed that partnering with BECQ to bring the phonebook roundup to the CNMI is one of many initiatives to begin more sustainable business practices.

“IT&E and BECQ know that protecting our environment takes consistent effort but together we hope to educate our youth about the environment and the need for recycling. We are recovering old phonebooks and recycling the paper into reusable items. Our program began in February and will end in April and hopefully continue annually,” Compton said.

In preparation of Environmental Awareness Month in April, BECQ’s recycling committee noted that the concept of environmental protection needs to be addressed to the younger generation starting within the schools.

EAM Chairman Jonathan Arriola added that IT&E will be sponsoring two recycling competitions.
“The phone book roundup and the 67Zero waste recycling will be for both public and private schools. By combining our efforts and resources with local agencies, we can strengthen our outreach for waste reduction to the community,” he said.

The contest will run until April 7th and participants will have a chance to win up to $5000 in cash prizes. All schools will be asked to collect, count, and temporarily store all old phone books and contact a BECQ representative to coordinate the collection. A receipt will be issued to each entrant for the number of books deposited.

BECQ reminds participants that phonebooks must be dry, clean, and not contaminated. Current 2017 phonebooks are not eligible for collection.

For more information regarding the Phone Book Roundup and the 67Zero Waste Competition or for collection, please call 664-8505, 664-8545 or email or