GPPC contractor causes cable damage in Capitol Hill

Daisy Demapan
March 27, 2017, 3:12 p.m.    MP


IT&E would like to apologize for a temporary outage in Capitol Hill caused by GPPC contractors over the weekend. IT&E unexpectedly experienced for the fourth time this past week cable damage in Capitol Hill which affected landline and DSL services of surrounding areas.

GPPC contractors caused cable damage by cutting through 25 pairs of cable. IT&E has isolated the issue causing the outage to customers and resolved the issue over the weekend.

The public and all contractors are reminded that they are required to contact IT&E at 682-3583 (7) seven days before any digging activity so that IT&E cables can be properly marked to prevent these outages and inconvenience to our customers.

Affected customers are being asked to inform