15 tons of electronic waste shipped for recycling

Daisy Demapan
May 2, 2017, 9:05 a.m.    MP


Following the decommissioning of the island’s CDMA network and upgrade to LTE, IT&E Chief Operating Officer John Compton shares that 15 tons of electronic waste have been collected and shipped to a recycling center.

“IT&E has been steadfast about recycling electronic waste. We understand that our islands do not have the capabilities to recycle these materials but for many years we’ve established partnerships to ensure these metal materials are repurposed. With the decommissioning of the CDMA network and removal of old GSM equipment, we’ve definitely improved our sustainability while increasing the speeds our subscribers experience,” Compton said.

In observance of Environmental Awareness Month this April, he shares, IT&E has remained conscientious of the environmental impacts of improving telecommunication infrastructure.

“It remains a priority and will continue to be our responsibility as telecommunications evolve. We want to thank our team for all their hard work in ensuring the safe removal of these old servers,” he said.

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